Due to Covid-19 precautions, the shelter pups, kitties, and staff are missing out community visits from our adults and kiddos. We are offering our Shelter Buddies Reading Program to get you and your child out of the house and to come get our pets out of their kennels for some enrichment!


This program sets children ages 6-12 with fearful pups or kitties to help them get ready for life with a family!

The children sit in the HSMS “Dawg House,” with one or more shy dogs or kitties, most often kenneled, to read to them from a story book of the child’s choice. We have provided some books, but your child is more than welcome to bring one from home if they have a favorite.


These special non-aggressive dogs and cats will be chosen by our handlers as the ones that would most benefit from this program. We want this experience to be a positive one for our fury friend and your child.


To sign up for one of our 30 minute slots, please give us a call at (706)781-3843 or email hsmsevents@gmail.com

Look at the benefits!

  • Kids read to shelter animals not only to keep them company, but also to help make them less fearful and more adoptable
  • Reading to the animals helps bring comfort and reduce the anxiety of shelter pets
  • When children tell stories to the dogs and kitties, it also helps the child develop their reading skills
  • The Project nurtures empathy in children and teaches high energy animals that calm behavior is desirable