Would you like to become a Foster Parent?

We are pleased to announce that we are now taking applications to become a volunteer “foster parent”. This rewarding experience will be one that you will never forget. If you are a loving and caring person who can commit to foster animals that the shelter cannot take in due to our limited space, then come by and talk to Kim Steinke, who will be the Foster Coordinator. These positions can be very enjoyable for you as you save the life of an unwanted or helpless animal. Fostering may involve bottle feeding puppies or kittens, or housing them until they are 6-9 weeks old when it is safe to admit them to the shelter. On occasion we may have a heartworm positive dog that needs to be in a peaceful and quiet environment as it takes it’s treatment. On occasion there may be an animal(s) that has a respiratory illness and can’t come into the shelter because of the risk of exposing other residents. There are many reasons why an animal may not be a shelter candidate at the time but hopefully temporarily fostering will enable this animal to have a normal life and find it’s forever home once admitted. All animals that come into the shelter must be healthy and non-aggressive. Our adoption team will find the best home possible after the animal is spayed or neutered and vaccinated. If you are interested in fostering, the shelter will provide all medications, supplies such as food, litter, etc. and any medical bills that may be acquired. You can sign up for whichever type of situation you prefer whether it is simply bottle feeding or short term care. All animals are deserving and will be forever in your debt. Please call 706-781-3843 for information or an appointment with Kim to get you started!