It is a learning day today!

Our Mission at the Humane Society’s Mountain Shelter is to prevent cruelty, suffering and inhumane treatment of animals; to provide custodial care to animals committed to the society; to provide animal placement service for committed animals and to encourage humane practices; to cooperate with state and local agencies that may be legally charged with the responsibility of providing for, or who share a common interest in the welfare of animals.

All animals deserve to live a life that is free of cruelty and abuse. Adults are the educators in their child’s life and should take part in making sure children do not abuse animals, and understand the importance of keeping their pets healthy. Using the Internet, libraries and communication will help children understand decisions they make in adopting a pet, caring for a pet and loving a pet!

At the shelter we make education fun by offering “Kid Camps at the Dawg House” and private birthday parties. This allows us to connect with children and educate on the appropriate handling and proper care of our furry friends. We also offer on site educational workshops with one of our trained representatives.